ELECTROnIC assembly

High Reliability Solutions for Electronic Assembly

INVENTEC  is a leading manufacturer of soldering products for high tech industries. We serve major customers globally through our 11 sites in the US, Mexico, Europe and Asia.


INVENTEC offers process consultation and worldwide technical support for both standard and custom formulations, manufacturing a full line of soldering, cleaning, and coating products for printed circuit board assembly and semiconductor packaging.


Our materials deliver added value to high performance electronics, including increased reliability, compatibility and sustainability.


Our main brands include:

AMTECH solder products

ECORELTM solder pastes

ECOFRECTM solder fluxes

TOPKLEAN TM solvent cleaners TM

PROMOCLEANTM detergent cleaners


ECORELTM solder pastes and ECOFRECTM fluxes work together to provide excellent electronic, chemical and mechanical reliability for solder joints. These products are designed to meet the most challenging technical requirements, resulting in maximum throughput for a lower cost of ownership.


INVENTEC solder paste and solder flux formulations combine the very best in rheology, chemistry, and metallurgy to exceed industry standards and to meet the most stringent environmental regulatory standards, including RoHS, VOC, and REACH. To learn more about our commitment to sustainability through our GREENWAYTM initiative, click here.


In high reliability applications, the PCB often needs to be totally free of residues in order to avoid any potential effects from low pressure degassing. These residues can be eliminated with high performance TOPKLEAN solvent cleaners and PROMOCLEANTM detergent cleaners.


INVENTEC also offers a range of specialized coatings for electronics and semiconductor applications. Our new generation of conformal coatings that are based on ABchimie chemistry work to extend the life and improve the performance of electronic and electrical assemblies, especially in harsh environments.


We also offer 3M NOVECTM Electronic Grade Coatings, an alternative to conformal coatings that modify and protect the surface of electro-mechanical components and assemblies.


High Reliability Testing

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