Performance Chemicals for

Semiconductor Packaging

ELECTROnIC assembly

ECORELTM and ECOFRECTM soldering materials are utilized in processes such as ball attach (CSP, BGA), flip chip, and wafer bumping, which are used in the manufacturing of power semiconductors, flash memories, micro-modules and hybrid assemblies.



















Die attach


ECORELTM solder pastes exhibit good wettability on Ni, NiP, Cu and Pb finished surfaces with a low percentage of voids and excellent flux residue. cleanability.













We offer cleaning solutions for use after die attach in power semiconductor applications, especially when packaging is done using solder paste.


For hybrid packaging, our cleaning solutions can integrate water and solvent based chemistries to efficiently removed organic and inorganic residues that remain on the substrate.


INVENTEC has decades of experience in chemicals used for cleaning the core of power electronics systemsto the most stringent reliability, performance, cost, and environmental requirements.


Our product offering also includes specialized cleaning solutions uses during each cleaning step required during the assembly of IGBT power modules.



Precision Cleaning

INVENTEC provides a range of water and solvent based cleaning chemistries for high reliability applications, including.


PROMOCLEAN™ Disper 607 water-based solution

• High wetting performance permits efficient removal of lead-free solder pastes and fluxes

• High rinsing capacity to reduce cycle times

• Environmentally-friendly

• Ideal using spray-in-air or by dipping with automated processes, including ultrasonics or jetting systems

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• Clean, rinse, and dry PCBAs under 15 min. cycle time

• Dielectric chemistry can safely clean pre-charged parts

  (i.e. complex systems, power modules, batteries, etc.)

• High defluxing power, removes many no-clean, lead-free fluxes

• No white residues

• Great materials compatibility

• Permits efficient cleaning in low stand off components, tight areas, and miniaturization thanks to high wetting index and high solvency power (KB index)

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Typical Cleaning Application

Application:  Cups used for photosynthesis deposition


Problem for customer:  Deposits hard to remove -  Create defects in wafers after multiple layers (very expensive)


Product / Process:  TOPKLEAN
EL20A-20P-PROMOCLEAN TP188 - Novec 71IPA-72DA


Customer References:  ABB - Infineon

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