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tech support

As a leading global manufacturer of high tech chemicals that set new standards for performance and for environmental safety, INVENTEC stands behind its customers with outstanding technical support.


With 7 production sites, plus representatives and offices in more than 20 countries, INVENTEC has an international team of expert chemists and technicians ready to support you throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.


Our knowledgeable experts understand the growing complexity of high tech manufacturing, and are available to consult with you to determine cost-effective solutions that will enhance your long-term profitability with chemicals that offer outstanding technical performance while being safer, less toxic, and more environmentally friendly.


Have a challenging technical problem in need of expert advice? Contact us today, and members of our global technical support team will tailor a solution that meets your needs.

Show rooms and labs:

• R&D

• Customer trials

• Qualifications

• Homologations

• Audit process

• Diagnostics

• Analysis



With Labs in France, Switzerland, Mexico, US,
and China, We offer COMPREHENSIVE services from Process Definition to installations AND tracking



Installation tracking:

• Aspect

• Composition

• Non-volatile residues

• Water content

• Acidity rates



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