Cleaning of Electronic Assemblies

TOPKLEANTM solvent based cleaners and PROMOCLEANTM water-based cleaners from INVENTEC cover virtually every cleaning requirement for electronics assembly and maintenance.




INVENTEC has designed a non-flammable solvent-based process for use in vapor phase equipment that delivers exceptional cleaning of solder paste after reflow (defluxing) and other component cleaning applications. This defluxing process brings added value to electronic assemblies in high reliability markets such as Automotive, Aerospace, Military & defense, Medical, Energy, Transportation and Semiconductor manufacturing.


Alternatively, this same cleaning process can also be accomplished by PROMOCLEANTM Disper water-based solutions. INVENTEC can assist you by recommending and installing a complete cleaning process, including chemicals and equipment. Each solution is tailored to the application, factoring in the part(s) that need to be cleaned, the machinery, regulatory requirements, and the solder paste and flux used in the assembly process.


PROMOCLEAN Oven 4 (for Maintenance CLEANing)


Ease of maintenance cleaning is a key consideration in the effort to reduce cost of ownership. PROMOCLEANTM OVEN 4 delivers excellent cleaning power, which saves time during maintenance cleaning of reflow ovens and wave soldering systems for reduced downtime and maximum productivity.


This product also works for maintenance cleaning requirements, including pick & place nozzles, wave pallet cleaning, conveyor fingers, and reflow condensation traps.









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