Military and Defense Market

Military & defense market

INVENTEC offers a broad range of products formulated to deliver high reliability in harsh environments, and is a qualified supplier to leading military/aerospace companies. Our high reliability products include:







AMTECH 4300 water washable solder paste


• RE-L0/L1 flux classification, water washable without using chemicals

• Avoids risk of short circuits caused by solvent residues

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AMTECH RMA-223 tin-lead solder paste

• Lower activity (less corrosion risk)

• Can be cleaned using most solvents

• Does not leave white residues

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ECOFREC™ 202 No-clean, alcohol based wave soldering flux

• Complies with the BONO test

• Residue has good cosmetic aspect

• High ICT and FP first pass yield

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ECOFREC™ 303 No-clean, VOC-free wave soldering flux

• VOC-free and non-flammable

• Excellent soldering performance with any PCB finish

• High SIR values

• Complies with the BONO test

• Lower cost per PCB compared to alcohol-based fluxes

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INVENTEC provides a range of water and solvent based cleaning chemistries for high reliability military and defense applications, including:

• Cleaning of weapons

• Munitions manufacturing

• Cleaning plastics, metal, and rubber

• Aeorspace applications


PROMOCLEAN™ Disper 607 water-based solution

• High wetting performance permits efficient removal of lead-free solder pastes and fluxes

• High rinsing capacity to reduce cycle times

• Environmentally-friendly

• Ideal using spray-in-air or by dipping with automated processes, including ultrasonics or jetting systems

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TOPKLEAN™ EL 20A or EL 20R + Novec™ 71 IPA

• Clean, rinse, and dry PCBAs under 15 min. cycle time

• Dielectric chemistry can safely clean pre-charged parts

  (i.e. complex systems, power modules, batteries, etc.)

• High defluxing power, removes many no-clean, lead-free fluxes

• No white residues

• Great materials compatibility

• Permits efficient cleaning in low stand off components, tight areas, and miniaturization thanks to high wetting index and high solvency power (KB index)

Link to datasheet for TOPKLEANtm EL 20A

Link to datasheet for TOPKLEANtm EL 20R

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