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INVENTEC offers a broad range of products formulated to deliver superior performance and high reliability for all types of LED lighting, including automotive applications. Our products promote long product life and low energy consumption by creating high strength solder joints. Featured products include:







Ecorel™ Free LT 140-18 (for low temperature alloys)

• Lead-free solder paste

• Protects sensitive components that need to be soldered at low temperatures

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Ecorel™ Free 305-16 (for high temperature alloys)

• High reliability

• High first pass yield

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Ecorel™ Free 305-6D33

• Lead-free solder paste

• High reliability residue, exhibits low ionic contamination after reflow without cleaning

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• Ultra thin (‹1 Micron), helps prevent light diffusion/alteration

• Protects LED components against moisture, chemicals and corrosion

• Easy to apply, no curing needed

• Ideal for hard-to-access areas

• Available as a permanent or removable coating

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INVENTEC supports the manufacturing of LED lighting with a full range of non-toxic precision cleaning products, including detergents and co-solvents.

• Superior cleaning power

• Targeted cleaning

• Organic and inorganic materials



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