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Precision Cleaning

INVENTEC supports consumer electronics manufacturing (both OEM and contract manufacturers) with a one-stop-shopping solution for a full range of solder products, including:

• Solder paste

• Liquid flux

• Tacky flux

• Solder spheres &preforms

• Core wire

• Bar solder

• Coatings

 • PCBA cleaning


INVENTEC and AMTECH are renowned for offering responsive service and fast delivery of superior quality products. We offer 2-day lead time, along with the best technical support in the industry. Our team of experts will provide you with sound, practical advice on SMT process optimization to keep your process lines running at peak efficiency and to trouble shoot problems, either remotely or on site.







INVENTEC offers industry-leading solutions for the precision cleaning of PCBA assemblies. To learn more, link to our PCBA cleaning page.


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