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INVENTEC offers a broad range of products formulated to deliver superior performance and high reliability for commercial aviation applications. Our solder products promote long term reliability by creating high strength solder joints, and our environmentally friendly cleaning and coating products ensure reliable product performance while promoting health and sustainability. Featured products include:







Ecorel™ Free 305-16 lead-free solder paste

• High reliability

• High first pass yield

• Low voiding

• Excellent visual cosmetics

• Very good wetting

• Balanced product for high throughput

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Ecorel™ Free 305-21 lead-free solder paste

• Highest reliability for extreme applications

• Proven in harsh applications

• Passes the BONO TEST

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Ecorel™ Easy 803M tin-lead solder paste

• Highest reliability for extreme applications

• Proven in harsh applications

• Compatible with conformal coatings

• Passes the BONO TEST

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SynTECH-LF lead-free solder paste

• ROL0 flux classification

• Higher viscosity solder paste for better print definition

• Clear residue, low voiding

• Compatible with enclosed printing heads

• Passes BONO Test @ 1.56%

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SynTECH-N lead-based solder paste

• ROL0 flux classification

• Exceptional print definition at high printing speeds up to 100mm/sec

• Longer stencil life than SynTECH

• Wide process window, clear residue, low voiding

• Excellent wetting compatibility on most board finishes

• Halogen-free per EN14582 test method

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AMTECH RMA-223 tin-lead solder paste

• Lower activity (less corrosion risk)

• Can be cleaned using most solvents

• Does not leave white residues

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ECOFRECtm 200 no-clean, low residue flux

• Recommended for soldering either with air or nitrogen controlled atmosphere

• Provides good solder joints without solder balling

• Compatible with a wide range of solder masks

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ECOFRECtm 205 lead-free, no-clean flux

• Provides excellent through-hole wetting with both SMT and wave soldering,

• Works with lead-free and lead-based formulations

• No microballing

• Compatible with different PCB lead-free finishes (Ni/Au, Sn, Ag, HAL and OSP) even after prior heat cycle

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INVENTEC supports the commercial aviation market with a full range of non-toxic precision cleaning products, including detergents and co-solvents.

• Superior cleaning power

• Targeted cleaning

• Organic and inorganic materials




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