with assembly materials
formulated to enhance reliability
in harsh environments
Solutions for the most DEmanding applications

INVENTEC offers a broad range of assembly materials specially formulated to enhance the reliability of applications exposed to harsh environments, including Military/Aerospace, Automotive, Rail and Power Electronics.


INVENTEC assembly materials  are designed to meet the performance and legislative challenges challenges challenges of evolving technology, with MINIATURIZATION serving as a common trend. Today's PCBs feature higher densities and narrower spacings between tracks and pads, causing dendritic growth by electrochemical migration to become a big issue.


The purpose of the Bono test is to assess the corrosive nature of solder pastes and to quantify it by a corrosion factor [1]. INVENTEC's R&D and application teams have teamed together for over a decade to develop high reliability ECORELTM solder pastes and ECOFRECTM soldering fluxes. The improvement to control the risk of electrochemical corrosion has been achieved using the Bono test as key technique to probe CHEMICAL RESIDUE IS INERT after soldering.


Conformal coatings are increasingly required to protect the PCB from environmental conditions (temperature, moisture, dirt, etc.). The Bono test better differentiates the nature of solder paste residues and is a very good parameter for assessing the compatibility between the solder paste and the conformal coating. The same method can also be performed for liquid and

tacky fluxes. ECORELTM No-Clean solder paste range is compatible with a

large range of conformal coatings available in the market.


[1] Technical paper “Solder Paste Residue Corrosivity Assessment: Bono Test” is

available at www.inventec.dehon.com

High Reliability
Assembly Materials

IPC J-STD-004B √
JIS Z 3197 √
Plus BONO test
High reliability assembly materials

Solder Pastes

Lead Free No-Clean solder paste ECORELTM Free
EcorelTM Free 305-21

• Residues are chemically inert reducing the risk of Electrochemical migration

• Passes Bono Test

• Anti-graping

• Multiple refl ow cycles

• No halide, no Halogen


EcorelTM Free 305-6D 33

• Compatible with a large range of Conformal Coatings

• Very Low Ionic Contamination

• No halide, No halogen


EcorelTM Free 405Y-21

• High reliability in high operating temperatures

• Thermal cycling resistance

• Passes Bono Test

• Multiple refl ow cycles

• No halide, No halogen


Alloys available:

SnAg4.0Cu0.5, SnAg1Cu0.5Ni,

SnCu0.7 with dopants







No-Clean, VOC-Free flux:

• Real VOC-Free flux

• Non-flammable

• Excellent soldering performance on any PCB finish

• High SIR values

• Complies with the Bono test

• Lower cost per PCB compared to alcohol based fluxes


No-Clean, alcohol based flux:


• Reduced solder balling

• No false breakdown

• Complies with the Bono test


• Complies with the Bono test

• Good cosmetic aspect residue

• High ICT and FP first pass yield








Tacky flux paste recommended for rework and soldering

• Ball attach & BGA repair

• No Halide, No Halogen

• High S.I.R. values

• Pass Bono corrosion test

ECOFRECTM TF 48: excellent printing performance
ECOFRECTM TF 49: colorless residue








Defluxing of solder paste or flux residues after die attach, flip chip or SMT reflow process to improve performance of wire bonding, underfill and conformal coating.


MINIATURIZATION means reduction of solder pads, smaller components with lower stand off and also amount of flux residues accumulated in tight, difficult access areas. In addition, new components are included with higher capacities and functions: capacitors, diodes, quartz, MEMS, microBGAs, LEDs and others. Miniaturization and advanced packaging should not become a challenge for reliability. The cleanliness should be performed and pass the norms


INVENTEC provides a range of water and solvent based cleaning chemistries to achieve best defl uxing results.


Water based solution: PROMOCLEANTM Disper 607

• High wetting performance permits efficient removal of lead free soldering pastes and fluxes

• High rinsing capacity to reduce cycle times

• Environmental friendly, formulation based on natural resources.

• For automated process using spray-in-air or by dipping, with ultrasonics or jetting systems


Solvent based solution:
TOPKLEANTM EL 20A or EL 20R + NovecTM 71 IPA

• Cleaned, rinsed and dried PCBAs under 15 min cycle time

• Dielectric chemistry can safely clean pre-charged parts (i.e. complex systems, power modules, batteries, etc)

• High defl uxing power removes a large range of No Clean lead free fluxes

• No white residues

• Great materials compatibility

• Efficient cleaning in low stand off components, tight areas and miniaturization thanks to high wetting index and high solvency power (KB index)

Solder Flux

Tacky Flux



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