Medical Market

MEdical market

INVENTEC offers a broad range of products formulated to deliver superior performance and high reliability for medical electronics and medical devices. Medical equipment often must be designed to survive extreme environments, ranging from medical transport through the cold chain, involving temperatures as low as -80°C, to the high temperatures associated with autoclave sterilization. Featured products include:







AMTECH 4300 water washable solder paste

• RE-L0/L1 flux classification, water washable without using chemicals

• Avoids risk of short circuits caused by solvent residues

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Ecorel™ Free 305-6D33 lead-free solder paste

• Delivers high reliability, high safety and cost savings

• Can be cleaned using most solvents

• Can be conformal coated without cleaning

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INVENTEC supports high tech medical manufacturing with a full range of non-toxic precision cleaning products, including detergents and co-solvents.

• Superior cleaning power

• Targeted cleaning

• Organic and inorganic materials


Typical medical precision applications include:

• Sterilization

• Dental implants

• Optical implants

• Prosthesis manufacturing

• Micromechanics for implants

• Gastric ring








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