Performance Chemicals for Coating

To protect the PCBA from extreme environmental conditions (temperature, moisture, dirt, chemicals and corrosion) use of coatings is often required.


INVENTEC offers a new generation Conformal Coatings (based on ABchimie technology) that extend the working life of electrical and electronic assemblies, ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments.


Coating is an additional step used mainly in Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Energy, and Transportation applications. INVENTEC coating chemicals are:

 UV & LED curing


An alternative to conformal coating is 3M NOVEC Electronic Grade Coatings. These fluoropolymer coatings are ideal for challenging components in PCBA's, LED Lighting displays, MEMS, and flexible circuits. 3M NOVEC also provides anti-stiction properties for MEMS wafers.


ECORELTM solder paste is fully compatible with our full range of coatings, validated by full compliance with the BONO test method, ensuring that our residues are chemically inert and offer excellent adhesion levels in No-clean applications.



Quick coating selection guide
Novec Electronic Grades coating selection guide









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