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Solder Paste Residue Corrosivity Assessment : Bono Test

Lead free soldering with no clean solder pastes represent nowadays the most common process in electronic assembly. A solder paste is usually considered as no-clean if it passes all IPC J-STD-004 corrosion tests …  READ MORE

Vapor phase and convection reflow :
comparison of solder paste residue chemical reliability

Convection soldering remains the most common reflow process in electronic assembly, mostly in air, but sometimes using a nitrogen atmosphere to reduce oxidation. …  READ MORE

Cleaning PCBs in electronics : understanding today's needs

Because of the phase out of CFCs and HCFCs, standard solder pastes and fluxes evolved from RA and RMA fluxes, to No-Clean, to low residur No-Clean, to very low residut No-Clean. Many companies came out with their cleaning solutions  …  READ MORE

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