Solder Paste

AMTECH offers a wide variety of solder paste, including no-clean, water washable, and RMA formulations in jars, syringes, cartridges, and ProFlow Cassettes.  We offer the industry’s best turnaround time and can ship to meet your most challenging just-in-time (JIT) requirements.

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Tacky Flux

AMTECH tacky fluxes are designed to complement our entire product line, including no-clean, water washable, and RMA formulations. Our advanced chemistries can be used for general touch-up and rework, attaching spheres to microelectronic packages, and soldering Flip Chip components to various PCB substrates. Link to Tacky Flux Product page


Solder Spheres and Preforms

AMTECH manufactures solder spheres and preforms from high purity “conflict free” metals that meet and exceed IPC and MIL standards. Our preforms are custom manufactured to strict tolerances, consistently delivering the desired amount of solder. Our solder spheres are available in all standard sizes and alloys. Custom sizes and alloys are available upon request. Link to Solder Spheres and Preforms Product page


Core Wire

AMTECH core wire is manufactured from high purity “conflict free” metals that meet and exceed all relevant IPC and ASTM B32 standards. Our core wire is available with 1.1, 2.2, & 3.3% flux core in most wire diameters and in many alloys, including lead-free formulations. Our core wire is packaged in easy to use evenly wound rolls. Link to Core Wire Product page



AMTECH liquid fluxes are available in Flux-Righter™ pens, a unique tool for rework and touch-up soldering. Our Flux-Righter™ allows a controlled amount of flux to be applied, thus eliminating messy conventional flux bottles. Link to Flux-Righter Product page


Bar Solder

AMTECH bar solder is manufactured from high purity “conflict free” metals that meet and exceed IPC standards. Our bar solder comes in all standard alloys and can be custom ordered in non-standard alloys. Link to Bar Solder Product page


Liquid Flux

AMTECH serves its customers as a distributor for Superior Flux & Manufacturing Co., a leading manufacturer of liquid fluxes for the electronic assembly market.  AMTECH stocks Superior products in all standard packaging. Link to Liquid Flux Product page



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