Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Inventing more sustainable products is an ongoing effort for INVENTEC.


INVENTEC continues to lead its industry in banning the use of CFCs, which were once core ingredient to many industrial products as late as the 1990’s. Since that time, we have substituted the use of more environmentally friendly ingredients into over 3,000 processes, resulting in:

• CFC-free and chlorination-free high precision cleaning

• CFC/HCFC-free aerosol formulations

• Lead-free soldering of components

• Protection of Magnesium falling without SF6 or SO2


Our cleaning formulations have been CMR-free since 2006, and, in 2012, we launched Greenway, a new product improvement standard based on measurable criteria involving both environmental and user impact.


To earn the coveted Greenway designation, a reformulated product must demonstrate improvement based upon at least 3 criteria out of 10 without causing degraded performance in any of the remaining areas: a process that is carefully monitored by quality inspectors.



Health and environmental protection

Our commitment to worldwide health and environment issues is demonstrated by our participation in many environmental commissions involving both EU and UN affiliated Associations (Montreal Protocol technical Committee, Climate change conference, SAICM Conference on a better international master of chemical products).


INVENTEC performance chemicals comply with stringent health and environmental protection measures developed in accordance with rigorous environmental regulations such as ROHS, VOC, F-Gas and REACH. We continually seek to minimize risk to direct users and to the overall environment by developing formulation that are free of mutagen and carcinogenic substances, and which are non-toxic for reproduction (CMR).



Our commitment to sustainable product development is also accomplished through the collection of empty packaging and used products for revalorization or destruction.


INVENTEC has implemented comprehensive solvent collection and treatment procedures to applicable regulations, enabling certain products to be reused or recycled, thereby benefiting the environment and the bottom line.



Storage optimization to reduce CO2 emissions

Our sustainable development approach can also be seen in our collection of empty packaging and used products for recovery or destruction.

INVENTEC is also involved in eco-conception, where some of our products and packaging are stackable in order to load more into trucks. This space-saving concept serves to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, thereby reduing CO2 emissions.





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