Recycling Services

Environmental Sustainability

At INVENTEC, we are committed to the recycling and/or disposal of used solder according to the highest legal, ethical and moral standards.


INVENTEC seeks to protect the waste stream by reclaiming and reusing metal waste whenever possible, converting it back into high purity raw materials or properly disposing it in an environmentally-friendly manner.


Through strategic partnerships we offer access to safe, efficient solder recycling services that allow our customers to meet applicable environmental codes and requirements while seeking to maximize their return on investment. As part of this commitment, we offer access to a “cradle to grave” program that employs the controlled collection and reprocessing of solder scrap at ISO-14001 certified reprocessing facilities, working directly with trusted sources to deliver a audit trial that allows customers to identify exactly how the scrap material has been handled, providing added reassurance that solder waste has gone through proper disposal.


This turnkey recycling service encompasses lead-free solder dross as well as used solder paste, which combines flux and solder powder, and thus requires special reprocessing.


INVENTEC can also supply new solder bar in exchange for solder dross: a “New for Old” exchange that provides a predictable fair market value for the scrap, thus improving the accuracy of customer cost analysis calculations. Upon request, we can also supply a “certificate of recycling” as proof that the material was properly recycled.






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